“I was very surprised by the way my body reacted. Egg and milk caused a quick reaction, and since eliminating them I feel great! I’ve had mass improvements. My skin went from dry to normal. I lost 4 pounds and no longer feel bloated. My mood is better, I sleep like a baby, and a lot of aches are now gone! I learned that I need to pay more attention to my body and how it reacts to food. Food is fuel and I need to make smarter choices each day to feel great. Thank you for believing in me. And for helping me achieve this goal. I feel 100 times better, my RA is under control, and for the first time in over a year and a half I don't feel bloated!”
— Casandra Smith

“I joined the program because I wanted to know for sure what foods were causing me to feel tired and sluggish all the time. I discovered egg yolks don't sit well with me, dairy is not an issue, soy should be a once in while food only and that bread makes me very very tired unless eaten only sporadically. The program helped me understand my body's signals of discomfort and, in general, re-connect to my body.  I thought the program would be very restrictive but it didn't feel like that and was less challenging than I thought. It was, in fact, empowering and I'm very happy I enrolled in it. I'd totally recommend it to anyone who wants to know what makes them feel well and what doesn’t.”
—Marcela Macias   Photographer, Stylist & Visual Strategist, Marcela Macias Photography  www.marcelamacias.com  

"This experience was eye opening. I now know how to read my body’s reaction when certain foods don’t agree with me, and I read food labels closely. I found that my body was telling me all along that some ingredients don’t make my body run well. Through this process, I found that gluten is harsh on my intestines and dairy is very constipating. I used to avoid certain foods like cream, but I didn’t understand exactly why. I found with dairy, I get congested, too. Now I limit my dairy intake and know what to expect if I choose to eat it. In addition, my stomach was bloated by night, and I thought I was still holding the last 5 pounds from my last child from 20 years ago. I went gluten-free and I have a flat stomach, better than when I was young (I also limit my sugars, and I eat naturally.) The 8SAFE Program gave me the power to identify how my body reacts to certain foods and which allows me to have more control over my health.”
— Janis K.

"Before following the 8SAFE Program I was suffering from uncomfortable eczema on my face. By about three weeks in, I discovered my eczema issue disappeared as well as several others I didn’t even know I was suffering from or blamed on other things. I didn’t even realize how exhausted I was from what I was consuming, as I thought it was having young children. I awoke most days with joint stiffness, pain, or swelling, thinking it was from getting older. Instead, it turned out to all be related to food sensitivities. After going through the program, I learned that certain foods caused my joints to immediately flare up and stay that way for a few days. I also learned that other foods flared my eczema to varying levels or that a certain food caused me to have allergy like symptoms of a constant sneezing and running nose. 
Now that I know what foods affect me and in what way and I can steer clear of them or at least know what will happen if I choose to consume a certain food. It’s amazing to feel so much better and have the power to make the choice to feel good or feel bad. Foods are no longer off-limits, but now I have the power to choose how I want to feel through what I consume. Discovering food sensitivities has completely shifted my mindset when it comes to feeding my body, as well as feeding others. One of my sons has clearly had food sensitivities and now I am able to find out what causes his eczema as well.
Most people I’ve spoken to say that they don’t have obvious issues like I did and have no need to try an elimination diet. After personally going through it, I cannot believe what issues I’ve been able to do away with that I didn’t even realize I had. I had joint swelling and stiffness that I would’ve never attributed to food until going through the process. I was exhausted on a daily basis assuming it was from children and the winter darkness. After the program, I have lifted various issues in my body and mind, lifting season depression and other side effects I would’ve never considered to be food related.
It’s changed how I view food and how I notice the changes in my body based on what I consume. It’s also helped me to be more understanding to others who have serious allergic reactions to food or serious intolerances and understand how they might feel if they ingest something by accident. I feel open to supporting others, I feel more energetic, and my mind fog has lifted. No longer feeling exhausted or worn down has opened me up to so much more. It’s the quality of my existence that has improved tremendously, and I would’ve never thought that was possible through an elimination diet.
Following an elimination diet is extremely hard, especially if you’re the only one doing it in a household of others eating the average diet. Having Kelly to guide you through the program and having someone to answer your questions as needed is a huge bonus to buying and reading a book. The biggest bonus of the 8SAFE Program was knowing I always had someone to turn to to ask for suggestions, help, or support. You won’t find that with a busy doctor or within a book.
If you decide to tackle an elimination diet, I would highly recommend Kelly to work with. It is worth the hard effort to go through, and anyone can do something for 60 days. It’s not the rest of your life, until, well, you find you feel so much better removing certain foods you decide new choices for the rest of your life. It’s hard to share in words how great I feel after going through the 8SAFE Program, but I went from often sitting on a park bench watching my children play to swinging on the monkey bars and sliding down the slides with them because I no longer felt exhaustion or pain. If you told me that all was based on food a few months prior, I wouldn’t have believed you, but now, I see how much food choices affect our daily health." — Kate Nesi
*You can read more about Kate's experience on her website: Frugal Mom$ter

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