The Pinnertest

Another way to discover hidden food sensitivities is the Pinnertest.

Pinnertest is a new tool for determining permanent food intolerances. It can be used on its own if you'd simply like to know which foods to avoid permanently, or in tandem with my 8SAFE Program that will uncover temporary intolerances as well as help you navigate your new lifestyle. To learn more about my experience with the Pinnertest, you can check out my 4-part blog post series on Pinnertest. These posts explain more about the process and why I recommend the test. But here's a brief overview:

What is Pinnertest?

  • Pinnertest is “The Next Generation Food Intolerance Test”. It is a Microarray IgG method Lab test that reports intolerances for 200 food items.
  • Its become standard protocol for Nutritionists in Europe and has reached over 500,000 clients. Many Europeans take a Pinnertest before creating a diet plan. 
  • The difference between Pinnertest and Food Intolerance Tests using older technology is the latest update in micro chip testing methods, which allows Pinnertest to accurately distinguish between temporary and permanent food intolerances.
  • It’s very easy to perform: a blood sample is taken using the finger-stick method, and no fasting is required. 

Here's how it works:

  • Place your order for the kit directly through Pinnertest.
  • A blood collection kit and pre-paid return envelope will then be sent directly to your home.
  • You’ll collect the blood sample and fill out the information sheet provided, and place them in the pre-paid envelope included with the kit. 
  • Shipping is provided by the USPS, so you simply place the return envelope in the mailbox for delivery back to Pinnertest. 
  • Results will be delivered to you via email within 1 to 2 weeks.
  • You can then remove any intolerant foods from your diet and begin feeling better!

If you'd like to order a Pinnertest — use the code MYHAPPYBELLY during checkout to save $60 off the cost of the kit (making the total cost $430). 

Thanks in advance for using my code!

Want to know more about my experience with the Pinnertest?

You can read my blog post series on Pinnertest or view my list of the 200 foods tested using the kit. 

You can also pop over and take the toxicity quiz to help determine if food sensitivities may be playing a role in your health. Or check out my 8SAFE Program for a more in depth exploration of the foods you may be sensitive to.