The information on this website is educational and informative — not prescriptive.

As a Holistic Health Coach I can support you and your choices regarding your health. I am not a doctor, RN, nutritionist, or other medical professional; and I cannot diagnose, cure, or treat health conditions. 

Results are neither guaranteed nor implied as no program is right for everybody. Individual results will vary.

While I openly share my opinions, thoughts, and educational findings, they are simply offered as ideas to think about or consider. You should study all of your options and consult with your doctor about the health benefits and risks of doing an elimination diet before starting any new program.  

Be advised that an elimination diet (like my 8SAFE Program) should be considered a tool for diagnosis and treatment — not a substitute for it. 

Also be advised that I deem products to be 8SAFE based on the information disclosed on the nutrition label at the time of posting. Sometimes I will contact the manufacturer directly to verify that the eight most common food allergens are not used, however this is not the norm. If you have severe or life-threatening allergies please contact the company directly regarding any concerns you may have.  

And always be sure to inspect the ingredients of a product, as manufacturer's recipes and formulas change from time to time. While I do my very best to stay current and up to date with my recommendations, ultimately it is your responsibility to ensure your own safety.