PINNERTEST Part 4: The Second Month and Beyond

Has it really been that long?

It seems crazy to me that it's been 3 months since I've eaten beef, arugula or pineapple! Actually the arugula and pineapple weren't a big deal at all. And — surprisingly — removing beef from my diet wasn't nearly as difficult as I had anticipated. In fact, I actually eliminated all red meat without much of a struggle. It's funny, I just don't miss eating beef. Go figure.

I kept a weekly journal of this adventure until about the seventh week when I really started feeling good again. Like, really good. Healthy. Strong. Alert. Sharp. Vibrant. It was amazing. And (despite a few small bumps in the road) that's how I've been feeling ever since. Yay me!

So here's what has happened since week 4 without beef...


I eliminated all mammalian sources of protein (beef, pork, lamb, bison, etc) for the past two weeks, based on the info I found researching the connection between Lyme's Disease and beef allergies. At first I hesitated because — according to the Pinnertest — pork is okay for me to eat. But then I reminded myself that gluten, dairy, soy, and egg didn't show up on the Pinnertest either and I know from doing an elimination diet that they bother me as well. So I gave all mammalian sources of protein to see what would happen.

And I'm so glad I did!!! I began to see improvement last week, and now this week I'm feeling even better. For the first time in what seems like forever, my forehead isn't furrowed and my brows have relaxed. I can suddenly see without straining. Now, that may not seem like a big deal to someone who's never had any issues like that, but trust me, it's a huge deal. That deep wrinkle between some peoples brows? It's a tell-tale sign of tummy troubles. So for me it speaks volumes that my brows have finally relaxed.

My brain fog has also lifted. I'm better able to stay on task and not wander with my thoughts. I feel like I can comprehend things better and without as much effort. My recall memory is improving and there is just so much more ease in my life. I couldn't be more thrilled!!!


There are a couple things that I need to be mindful of. 

My life feels so much lighter now and I'm so excited to finally be feeling better that I have this incredible surge of energy all of a sudden. I'm catching myself pausing to literally catch my breath.

So I need to be mindful to pace myself since my body hasn't quite caught up yet.

I've also been impatient with my family who are used to my slower, more deliberate pace (I wanna just go, go, go! Why aren't you keeping pace? C'mon people! Aren't you as excited as I am? Don't you have boundless energy like I do right now???). 

Um, yea. I need to mellow out a bit. 

Strange this is my very regular (and very heavy) period has gone missing. It's now two weeks overdue (and no, I'm not pregnant). So not sure what to make of that.


This week things have come to a screeching halt as I find myself with a wicked head cold on the same day that my period returned. Needless to say, the past week hasn't been fun and I will spare you the details. 

WEEK 7: 

With my son back to school this week I've had a little time to rest. I'm still blowing my nose 20 times a day, but it seems as though the head cold is on its way out. 

It's still amazing to me — and little weird — that my brain fog has lifted. I've lived with it for so long. Eighteen years of struggling to understand, remember, and communicate the way I once did. It's so bizarre to now have clear, focused thoughts again. It's an amazing miracle for me in my healing and a prayer that's finally been answered. An I'm grateful beyond words.

But it does leave me wondering — could be that the beef has finally worked its way out of my system? Or could it be the result of removing pork and all red meat as well?

WEEK 8 and beyond:

My blood work came back with good news. The IgE test specific for mammalian allergy showed that I don't have an allergy to the sugar present in red meat (which is good to know). I should be fine eating pork, lamb, etc. — however — I'm going to continue avoiding all mammalian protein simply because I feel so much better without it. 

So, are you wondering what would happen if I ate beef again?

I was too. But not curious enough to sit down and take a bite of steak. Although I did get my answer. 

To make a long story short, I had a chicken bowl from a chain restaurant that I didn't realize was cross-contaminated with beef. The result? I had wicked stomach pains that felt like I was being stabbed repeatedly in the gut with a knife. I was uncomfortable all afternoon and into the evening and Holy moly — it wasn't fun. But I'm glad it happened. And in that way, rather than me willingly testing beef. This way I had no expectations of feeling bad. I was just happy, enjoying my food. My reaction was completely on a physical level without any preconceived notion of feeling crappy. My body's reaction to the beef was physical and honest. And I totally appreciated that! Needless to say, I think I'll be avoiding beef like the plague from now on.

And my toxicity scoreThirty baby!!!

Mind you, 30 is still an indication of mild toxicity so I have a way to go yet. But if you recall, my initial score was a 77. Then went down to 43. And now it's 30. Looking back at my last three Toxicity Questionnaires I have a clear picture of how far I've come. And it's great motivation to keep going! 

I hope these posts have helped shine a light on how eliminating foods that you're sensitive to can affect your health and well being.

Obviously, I can't speak to anyone else's experience with the Pinnertest, but I'm sharing my journey with you to offer some insight. I hope after reading this series you walk away with the knowledge that food really can (and does) affect how you feel.  And you absolutely have control over how you feel with the choices you make in your diet. 

Finally, I just want to share with you that this is the closest I've come to feeling 'normal' in a very long time. I'm so excited and hopeful to finally be starting to feel like I did before I ever had Lyme's Disease. I've put in almost twenty years of wishing, waiting, fighting to be healed. My heart is bursting with gratitude for the healing I've received and the possibilities before me. And my hope is that you receive your miracle as well. Thank you Pinnertest. 

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