PINNERTEST Part 3: The First Month Without Beef

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Where's the beef?

Eliminating beef, arugula and pineapple has actually been a lot easier than I anticipated. The first couple of weeks, my biggest challenge has been simply remembering to avoid these foods.  

So here's a snapshot of my experience the first month:


I made sure I took the Medical Symptoms & Toxicity Quiz the first day I cut beef out of my diet. This gave  me a baseline to compare and measure my progress at a later date.

Surprisingly, I scored a 77 on that first test. Yikes. 

I've gotta be honest, I didn't feel any different the first week. I was focusing on how to avoid beef (and arugula & pineapple) in my diet so I've had a mental shift, but physically I felt the same. 


My skin is changing. I've always had issues with acne (which cleared up for the most part once I stopped eating gluten, dairy, soy, and egg) but I continue to have small pimples pretty much daily. I notice the color and texture of my skin on my face is looking better this week. 

The past four months I've had a small, raised rash that covers my torso (all across the top of my chest, neck, and entire back) that I thought was due to a switch in laundry detergent. But it persisted even though I went back to our usual detergent two months ago (long enough to cycle through everything I had washed). Now I notice the little bumps are beginning to disappear. Is it just wishful thinking? Or did the beef really have something to do with it? 

Overall, I still don't feel any different. But the skin thing is very promising!


On a positive note: I'm feeling more clear-headed this week — which is very optimistic. My gut seems to be improving as well. And for some reason, my fingernails seem so much stronger. They usually won't grow past a quarter of an inch before splitting — but my nails are like a half an inch long right now (it's crazy!). And the rash on my torso is continuing to clear up.

On a negative note: my vision has been giving me problems. It's become blurry and I can't track very well (when I'm reading and get to the end of a line I can't automatically skip down to the next one). Plus I'm having trouble with convergence (getting both eyes to focus on the same object).  It's been challenging to read, drive, even walk sometimes. I've also been getting a little dizzy. Not fun.

I'm finding it difficult to get out of bed in the morning. I don't know if I've finally succumbed to summer's rhythm or if there's more to it. 

Not sure if any of these things have to do with beef or bad timing, but I guess time will tell.


An iron supplement and multivitamin seem to be helping. My vision has improved significantly, and I'm not quite so dizzy. Getting out of bed has been a lot easier too. 

In general, I'm feeling better. Nothing huge, but noticeable improvement. I've had a little more energy, been a little more clear-headed, and a little more energized. May not be instant gratification we're all looking for, but I'll take it!

My skin has continued to improve and the rash is almost completely gone. Where only three weeks ago I was literally covered in thousands of tiny pink bumps, only a couple of dozen remain. I still have a few lingering pimples to contend with, but my overall complexion is so different. I have a healthy, rosy glow to my cheeks. I don't have the pale pallor of sickness anymore. It's so bizarre. After a lifetime of struggling to attain healthy skin, these changes occurred only within the past 4 weeks that I've gone without beef. 

I've also looked into the connection between Lyme's Disease and beef allergy and it's really quite fascinating. Seems as though it's not just beef that's a concern, but all mammalian sources of protein (pork, rabbit, lamb, etc). My Pinnertest only showed an intolerance to beef, however, I hadn't eaten lamb or rabbit within six months for it to even show up on the test. And the Pinnertest doesn't check for intolerance to bison, buffalo or other wild game. So I'm going to avoid all mammalian sources of protein and see how it makes me feel. I'm also going to follow up with an IgE test for alpha-gal allergy and see what results from that.

I also took the Medical Symptom & Toxicity Questionnaire again this week and scored a 43. That's 34 points less than a month ago! Which means I'm now considered to be in the 'Mild Toxicity' category instead of 'moderate toxicity'. We're moving in the right direction peeps! All the more motivation to keep going! 

A final word:

Overall, I'm really pleased with my progress. As much as I would love an overnight fix, I know these things take time. It can take months to get a food allergen totally out of your system, so I'm being patient with myself and the process. I'm seeing even more improvement this week, and will continue to share my progress about my experience when I reach the two month mark. 


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